The DD SHORT Show: Afro Beats Festival at The O2

Host/Producer: Dwight


Dwight has been involved in the Sierra Leone entertainment industry for over 35 years. His journey began as a dancer with the iconic dance group - DAVALGEE Brothers in the 80's noted amongst others for their interpretation of Osibisa's ''Fire go burn you''. He was instrumental in coming up with a unique concept for talent shows which led to the group staging a DANCEORAMA at the British Council and it was from this show that the name DISCORAMA was coined. Such was the popularity of DISCORAMAS that all the artists came together to form the first united artists of Sierra Leone and Dwight Short was the very first chairman.

After numerous awards, the Davalgees proceeded to showcase their (other than dancing) individual talents, by creating a band composing and playing live music. Dwight was the drummer and band leader.

When the Davalgees hung up their dancing shoes, Dwight went on to create a talent show named after him-The D D Short Show (Parts 1 to 4) . The show was credited for introducing new talents in the entertainment industry including Dr Kitch and the DD Dancers.

Dwight's first foray into the acting world kicked off with a leading role in a Ronko theatre and Davalgee brothers' collaboration- ''The youths of today'' a musical box office hit which earned rave reviews. He accepted an invitation to join Ronko theatre where he later became the Director General.

In 1986 he was selected to represent Sierra Leone in a cultural exchange program in the USA which saw him perform at the white house and worked with the renowned Alvin Ailey Dancers. Dwight has since gone on to play lead roles in several plays including, ''Sacrifice of love'', ''Sugar Mami Wahala'', ''I can't get you off my mind'' and ''bobo lef''.

He's a recipient of several best actor and best emcee progress awards.

On arriving in England, in the early 90's , he created the Kabaslot N Kotoku Productions and produced classic plays by Sierra Leonean playwrights including ''I can't get you off my mind'' , ''You ole di ring, me ole di man'' , So na mi mama are marade'' and ''Bobo Lef'' which was his last performance before migrating to the USA.

He's presently the Chief Operating Officer for the Cotton Tree Group, comprising Cotton Tree Records, Cotton Tree restaurant and Wine Bar, Cotton Tree Entertainment and Edutainment. Their maiden show aptly titled ''The D D SHORT Show'' will be staged at the London o2 , August 10 2018 and features 12 of the top artists from Sierra Leone. The intention is to replicate that show in various continents in their search for artists who would fit in their devised formula for the record label.
Dwight D. Short
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