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Reginald Larry-Cole is the Founder and CEO of Buy2Letcars and Wheels4Sure. He is an author, a motivational speaker and holds a BA (Hons) Business Degree from London Metropolitan University.

Whilst trying to raise finance to start up his present companies between 2008 and 2012, he spoke to 150 sources including banks, business angels and venture capitalists and got 150 ''NOs''; but he was not deterred. He was bold enough to put an advert in The Sunday Times and through that, he was able to raise the finance from one private individual, which vitalised him to launch the two businesses.

He built the new businesses into a multi-million pound turnover concern within 11 months. In just over 4 years, his leasing income shot north of £4 million, with over £20 million worth of vehicles funded. This organic growth has seen the leasing company included in the top 50 Fleet News listing and established as the world's first car leasing company, funded by people for people, a socially conscious company, redefining business within the automotive industry. Reginald is particularly proud of the leasing company's exceptionally high client recommendation on public record, which has been above 96%-plus recommendation since 2012.

Reginald is passionate about his companies, his family, his staff and his clients and is spearheading a significant growth programme within the two brands over the next three years, including diversifying his business portfolio by setting up two new companies, Lifestyle Bids (a reverse auction site) and Cotton Tree Entertainment & Restaurants. Alongside these new ventures, he has also set up a charity in his father's memory, The OMAC Foundation. He is a visionary social entrepreneur, with clear ideas and a strong drive to make those visions happen.
Reginald Larry-Cole
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